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Dongguan Guojiao specializes in the production of PET protective film
Smart phones, tablet PCs and laptops under sunlight irradiation to produce glare Linear brought a lot of inconvenience for daily use. The sun was shining when used outdoors iPhone or iPad will become very difficult, because the glass be sun reflection on iOS devices. Amazon Kindle electronic reader uses E-ink screen, but this screen is not ideal. Recently, the United States MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) claims to have developed a waterproof, automatic cleaning glass, this material can eliminate any form of light reflection. The new glass material can be quickly mass production, eventually appear in the electronic products. Apple IOS devices using Corning Gorilla Glass, the official release of the second generation of Gorilla Glass in earlier this year at CES. The second generation than the first generation of more wearable, but 20% lighter. Apple is likely in the next generation of iOS devices using the second generation of Gorilla Glass. MIT's latest findings eventually be able to go into mass production, then using the iPad reading under the sun will no longer have any visual impairments.