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Mobile phone film high profits

A small table, a craft knife, and a signboard with a few words written on it, these simple equipment can easily make a mobile phone film business, but it is these similar humble little businesses, Let businesses make amazing profits from it!

  In the wholesale market, the frosted protective film in the mobile phone film has a wholesale price of 1.5 yuan per piece, and the high-definition protective film costs 1 yuan per piece. At Digital Plaza, the prices of these "films" have skyrocketed, and the frosted film is priced at 50 yuan , HD film also rose to 30 yuan each, in addition, a purchase cost in

The Apple phone case for 20 yuan can be bought in the store for 100 yuan or more, and the profit is up to several times. There have also been consumer complaints about encountering "highly priced" mobile phone accessories and frequent killing incidents.

 The high profit has brought the driving force for the production of mobile phone accessories for the merchants. According to industry personnel, there are currently thousands of Shenzhen specializing in the production of IPHONE accessories, and the total market size has exceeded 100 million yuan.

In fact, in addition to the huge profits in the mobile phone accessories market, fakes have also become a problem that cannot be ignored. Many booths have everything from unknown names to various brands. No one cares whether it is a genuine product!

Nowadays, the mobile terminal accessories market is in a state of chaos, and it is always the most terminal consumers who pay for all this! !!