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The advantages and wide application of various adhesive products

1.Double-sided adhesive tape
 This series of products are mainly made of high-grade tissue paper and special acrylic glue. They have strong adhesion, cold resistance, good conformability, and no deterioration. They are suitable for food packaging, stationery, bags, clothing, and hardware. And other manufacturing and processing paste.

2. Masking tape

This series of products use textured paper, colored textured paper, rubber glue and other materials as raw materials. It has no adhesive residue, is easy to use, and is widely used in high temperature environment and room temperature spray paint protection treatment. It is suitable for electronics, hardware, Painting and fixing in electrical appliances, stationery, office and construction industries.

3.Kraft paper adhesive tape

Adopt high-temperature kraft paper, acrylic glue, kraft paper, hot melt, special kraft paper rubber, white high-quality kraft paper, and ink as raw materials. It has resistance to instantaneous high temperature, smooth pasting, and smooth contact on the rubber surface. Very strong, suitable for the instant high temperature environment of the leather industry contact.

4. Cloth adhesive tape

This series of products are mainly made of tarpaulin, rubber glue and hot melt. They have various colors, distinguish color separation in the construction work area, and have strong moisture resistance. They are suitable for heavy packaging and sealing, cables, and avoidance protection. Seam fixing, construction and decoration industry avoid protection.

5. Foam adhesive tape

This series of products are mainly made of polypropylene film, special polypropylene film, acrylic adhesive and water-based acrylic adhesive. They have smooth posting, suitable for general sealing and fixing, and packaging and fixing in ultra-low temperature environments. They are widely used in food , Professional packaging of product packaging, boutiques, gifts for carton sealing enterprises in beverage supermarkets, and carton sealing in developed countries or environmentally controlled areas.

7, sealing tape

The sealing tape is easy to tear, and it is easy to tear off the tape roll, without the tape stretching and dragging. Flexibility: can easily adapt to the sharp curve shape. Anti-transfer: No adhesive is left after removal. Anti-retraction: Can stretch along the curved surface without shrinking and disengaging.

8, stationery tape

Using polypropylene and special acrylic glue as raw materials, with various printing patterns, design
 Exquisite design, can be given as a gift, environmental protection, easy to use, in line with EU packaging material standards 94/62 / EC widely used in supermarkets, schools, boutiques and other boutique packaging

9, electrical tape

High voltage resistance and good weather resistance; various colors, matt and glossy; in accordance with the certifications of UL and CSA in the United States, flexible PVC film, strong stretchability, easy winding, and anti-corrosion protection , For high temperature automotive wiring harness and electronic appliances.

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