Brand Declaration
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Brand logo is the declaration of brand connotation materialization product, is the family hongsheng chemical symbol. To family hongsheng Chinese the first English letters KHS as the theme, the expression "science and technology innovation - the time fly miles - the world".

Trademark one: in the middle of the H representing industry, K on behalf of science and technology, science and technology, research and development of environmental protective film, protect the thriving industry safety production. Red representative industrial thriving, blue for environmental protection! The outside circle on behalf of the English letters S, also represents the earth, means in the good earth, has a thriving industry, are using the family hongsheng r&d brand protection film, always benign cycle production!

Blue stands for: advanced technical force, the environmental protection, the sense of trust, high quality, the intelligence Red representative: enthusiasm, energy, originality, warm, thriving Trademark 2: English letter "KOHONGS", on behalf of the family hongsheng English abbreviations, the letter "K" behind the "O" is protective film circle line section map, "KO" on behalf of the science and technology manufacturing protective film, "h" behind the "O" is also protective film circle line section diagram, including "h" capital and represent industries "workers", namely "hO" represent industries must rely on protective film, "S" behind have a is lifted up the protective film on the picture, also is "SO" representative in the flourishing development of China, any industry is inseparable from the protective film care, the base of color is two layer structure, a layer of protective film, a layer of mold material combination, green to represent environmental protection, at the same time on behalf of the protective film need more suitable for industry, and be made into industry needs of the various shape! The whole trademark together mean that "in the flourishing development of the China industry, science and technology made the film, industry to get a good use, it all cannot leave the family hongsheng development and contribution"!