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Business elite

Recruitment quantity: 2

Age requirement: no limit

Sex requirement: male

Degree required: this section

Experience: 3 years or above experience

Effective period: three years

Specific work and asked to describe

1, bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or related majors; Engaged in the adhesive material material industry will be a plus.

2, 3 years or above related working experience in network sales industry, performance prominent priority;

3, outgoing personality, quick reaction, expression ability, has the strong communication ability and communication skills, have affinity;

4, have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;

5, has the sense of responsibility, can withstand greater pressure of work.

6, proficient in factory business public relations skills.


Personnel manager: Mr. Qin

Telephone: 0769-82300280;



Mobile phone: 18924368659;