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"Following enterprise HuangJiangKe hongsheng electronics factory" was established, the same year "" brand registration. Families hongsheng protection was born, and in April 2011 successful registration; The new company mainly positioning "optical protective film" research and development direction! In view of the electronic plastic, glass, panel surface protective film application and development!


June 2009: "countries glue material" online mall set up, mainly sells all kinds of brand adhesive tape! Thus further promote family hongsheng brand awareness!


In 2010: June company expansion and in dongguan pond summer town established: "the dongguan countries glue electronic technology co., LTD.", the new company tenet is: "China rubber - in countries glue" spirit creating China's most complete protective film applied materials, and engaged in mobile phones, computers, various electronic product surface protective film and various accessories die cutting design and application.


In August 2011, the company began to import ISO9001 quality management system, and in the through the British UKAS argument!


February 2012: family hongsheng chemical the establishment of the institute of jiangsu province, the main development protection adhesive products and its application, and touch screen related protection rubber development!


April 2012: liquid film research and development success, overcome various surface cannot protect products from liquid implementation, so as to better let products have beautiful protection!


In May 2012: touch screen can peel blue glue is developed, and the protective film success by apple IPHONG5 authentication, using!


July 2012: family hongsheng new trademark "" continue to strengthen the application for registration, more comprehensive build section hongsheng protective film brand road!


August 2012: family hongsheng new website formally established, the new website will be more comprehensive promotion brand road, will be devoted to temporary surface protective film of the world leaders, more close to customer needs, providing solutions for product surface, whole series of protective film products, let the customer more convenient, more quick understanding and application products!